January 12, 2024 | Expertise

Access to accurate and extensive market data for pharmaceuticals is crucial for accurate analysis in both the litigation and non-litigation contexts. There are numerous data providers that offer unique insights into various facets of the healthcare market. This compilation explores the offerings of prominent data providers.

Symphony (ICON PLC): Symphony, a venture by ICON PLC, stands out for its comprehensive pharmaceutical market research data. Covering sales, prescription data, market trends, and competitor analysis, Symphony goes beyond the surface to provide insights into patient behavior, healthcare providers, and real-world evidence. With a broad scope that spans retail, institutional, and integrated channels, Symphony's data encompasses prescriptions, quantities sold, pricing, and sales volumes from January 2010 to the present.

First Databank: First Databank offers an extensive range of information. From drug details to medication management solutions, clinical decision support, and drug pricing and reimbursement data, First Databank plays a vital role in shaping healthcare insights. The Wholesale Acquisition Cost data, available since January 2010, is segmented across various levels, including manufacturer, generic/brand, drug form, strength, and package size.

IQVIA: Renowned for its diverse healthcare data and analytics solutions, IQVIA is a key player in the industry. Providing pharmaceutical sales data (NSP – National Sales Perspective), prescription data (NPA – National Prescription Audit), market research (Channel Dynamics), and real-world evidence, IQVIA's offerings extend to patient and healthcare provider data. Their insights cover market trends and competitor analysis, making them a comprehensive resource for decision-makers.

Datamonitor: Specializing in healthcare market research and analysis, Datamonitor Healthcare is dedicated to providing insights across various healthcare sectors. From pharmaceuticals and medical devices to diagnostics and healthcare IT, Datamonitor's reports delve into market trends, competitive analysis, regulatory updates, and pipeline assessments, offering a holistic view of the industry.

Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT): Focusing on managed care and market access data, MMIT is a key player in healthcare insights. Their data spans formulary coverage, reimbursement, pricing, and market dynamics, providing valuable information for stakeholders navigating the complex landscape of managed care.

Fingertip Formulary (Clarivate): With a specialized focus on formulary data, Fingertip Formulary, a part of Clarivate, offers insights into drug coverage, restrictions, and reimbursement. This comprehensive data spans across various healthcare plans and insurance providers, providing a detailed understanding of market dynamics.

Evaluate Pharma: Evaluate Pharma is a go-to source for pharmaceutical insights. Covering companies, drugs, clinical trials, market forecasts, and financial information, their data includes details on drug pipelines, approvals, patents, sales, market trends, and competitive landscape analysis. Additionally, Evaluate Pharma provides valuable insights into therapy areas, disease prevalence, and market dynamics.

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