Expert Testimony

Vega supports a network of over 150 academics, industry practitioners, and former regulators that serve as experts in high-stakes litigation. Our experts regularly testify at deposition and trial on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Consulting Services

Vega provides continuous on-demand support to our clients. Our team provides responsive support to answer questions, perform calculations, and help assess the economic impact of issues as they arise. We have assisted with government investigations, settlement negotiations, pre-litigation analysis, and motion support.

Data Management

Vega has experience with the management of large-scale datasets and has expertise in structured and unstructured data. By managing complex datasets and developing creative, client focused solutions, the Vega team helps our clients achieve superior results.

Discovery Strategy & Management

The Vega team has experience working with our clients to develop and implement comprehensive discovery and production plans. Vega has also been the designated party to receive large volumes of confidential production materials.

Advanced Statistical Modelling

Vega experts develop proprietary models that are rooted in academic developments and industry practice. We design complex quantitative analyses and present them in clear and compelling terms. 

Sourcing of Experts

Vega draws on our extensive academic and industry connections to find the best-suited expert for each engagement. Our search team is always led by one of our PhD economists who pre-screen experts’ credentials and fit. Our search team interviews potential experts and provides our clients an assessment of each proposed expert.