January 23, 2023 | Expertise

The Vega Approach to Survey Analysis

Vega Economics, as a premier economic consulting firm, is well-equipped with the capabilities and experience to efficiently assist our experts in designing and implementing surveys to reliably address the distinct issues in each case.

Survey Population Design: Evaluation of Demographics of Applicable Class

It is critical that the correct survey population is chosen and that the appropriate sample is chosen to match that of the population. Vega works with our experts to identify the relevant characteristics to ensure that the survey response pool is representative of the proposed class.

Effective Survey Questionnaire Design

Survey questions must be appropriately designed to evaluate the relevant legal issues. Vega works with our experts to draft precisely targeted closed-ended questions on the underlying issues, in addition to open-ended questions that will verify qualitative conclusions about consumer preferences.

Pretest Survey Questions

  • Pretesting ensures reliability and appropriateness of questionnaire design.
  • An initial, smaller run of prospective survey questions, with feedback, will establish that appropriate questions are asked clearly, that respondents understand the questions as intended, that respondents are accurately completing the survey, and that the question design is unbiased.
  • To implement this, Vega staff will identify and interview pretest respondents about the survey to ensure that they understand and interpret all information on the survey correctly.

Survey Administration

  • Vega has the staff and capabilities to effectively administer a survey. We will work with our experts to ensure that the best suited mode of collection delivers a reliable survey methodology. Vega’s capacities include internal administration of surveys, for all modes of collection.
  • Vega may also identify potential respondents via acquisition of representative samples of respondents from a third-party vendor. Use of a third-party vendor of survey respondents ensures that respondents are unbiased and unprejudiced, as they will not know the purpose of the survey or that it is connected to litigation. It also ensures that neither the support team at Vega or our experts know the identity of any survey respondents.

Pre Data processing and survey tabulation

It is critical that data are accurately reported. Vega has extensive experience in data processing, tabulation, and database management.

Statistical analysis ensures validity of results

  • Vega staff are experienced econometricians and statisticians and can assist our experts in designing and implementing appropriate statistical methods that are in accordance with accepted statistical principles.
  • Vega statisticians will work with our experts to implement standard statistical procedures such as base-weighting and post-stratification to optimize the matching of survey sample to population and ensure the survey sample is statistically representative of the class.
  • Analyses such as response rate and retention rate calculations, confidence intervals and margins of error, as well as other validity tests of survey design

Cross-Validation of survey results with other data sources

To support the results of the survey, Vega can cross-validate the results with complementary sources.

Survey Implementation and Administration Capacities